Soku Tattoo Premium 18” Ring LED Floor Lamp with Phone Holder


  • Input power: 110V/240V, 50HZ/60HZ
  • Output power: 60W
  • Adjustment range: Stepless adjustment
  • Color temperature: 2700K~5600K
  • Flash index: RA>95
  • Dimension(mm): Internal diameter 315MM, outer diameter 455MM, Thickness 35MM
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Technical data

Model 18 inches
Input power 110V/240V  50HZ/60HZ
Output power 60W
Adjustment range Stepless adjustment
Color temperature 2700K~5600K
Flash index RA>95
Dimension(mm) Internal diameter 315MM, outer diameter 455MM, Thickness 35MM

Operation instruction

  • Take out the light from the bag, connect either the AC adapter cable
  • Turn on the ON/OFF button. The color temperature display ‘shows OFF. Click the Power dimmer knob and the display and the led chips are working. When using the batteries, the battery display shows the remaining battery power, total: five levels and each level is 20%.
  • Adjust the power dimmer knob clockwise, the brightness will gradually become brighter. Adjust counterclockwise, the brightness will gradually darken. It can be adjusted from 0% to 100%, meanwhile, the power display indicates the corresponding power %.
  • Adjust the color temperature knob clockwise, the color temperature gradually becomes larger. Adjust counterclockwise, the color temperature gradually decreases. It can be adjusted from 2700K to 5600K, meanwhile, the color temperature display‘ indicates the corresponding color temperature value.
  • You can use the remote control to control the ring light too. Check the attachment for more details.


  • Please do not put the light at the over-heat and over-moisture place.
  • Please do not let the device be exposed to rain or moisture, to avoid circuit problems.
  • The ring light does not have a charging function. You need a charger to charge the batteries.
  • It is forbidden to use the AC adapter and battery to supply power at the same time

After-sale Service

  • Please don’t dismantle and repair this product by yourself, otherwise, you should bear all the responsibility.
  • Please turn off the power, and disconnect the power line, please contact us.
  • Warranty: 1 year.
Weight 5.5 kg


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