Soku Soft Silicone Disposable Big Magnum Tube- 1.25 inch


  • Smooth contoured design
  • Thin profit tip wall
  • Precise mold
  • Sterilized by EO
  • 15 pieces/box (32 mm) Blue color
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  • The tube makes use of a smooth contoured design, which improved the flow of ink and allows the needle to be mounted more smoothly and easily
  • The specialized plastic used for a thin profile tip, while maintaining exceptional durability and heat resistance. The thin profile tip minimizes the distance between the needle and the skin for more precise artwork.
  • All tubes are made with the most precise injection molding technology, no flashes exist, so that maximum ink flow and consistent needle support.
  • Tubes individually packaged and sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas
  • Available sizes:
  • Round: 3R, 5R, 7R, 9R, 11R, 14R
  • Angled Round: 3AR, 5AR, 7AR, 9AR, 11AR, 14AR
  • Diamond: 3D, 5D, 7D, 9D, 11D, 14D
  • Magnum: 5M, 7M, 9M, 11M, 13M, 15M
  • Open Magnum: 5OM, 7OM, 9OM, 13OM, 15OM, 19OM, 23OM, 25OM, 39OM
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