Soku Tattoo Aftercare Film Skin Protective Waterproof Bandage Barrier Film 10cm*10m


  • Waterproof, antibacterial-barrier
  • Flexible and stretchable
  • Pro roll: 10 cm*10m
  • Suit for small tattoo healing

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  • Waterproof, antibacterial-barrier that prevents pathogens and external contaminants from entering the wound barrier to protect the tattoo wound from germs and bacteria and at the same time
  • Reduced scabbing, reduced risk of infection, no rubbing clothes or other external factors that will damage the tattoo
  • Flexible and stretchable which allows it to be placed anywhere on the body and stay on
  • Pro roll: 10cm*10m, suit for small tattoo healing


  • The first film application should stay in place for 24 hours, depending on the level of exudation. It is normal for blood and fluids to collect under the bandage
  • A second application can be used for several days, and a third application may be used if necessary. Gently clean and dry the area between applications. Do not wear any piece longer than one week
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